Asbestos Abatement

At Allec, LLC, our expert staff is asbestos certified, licensed, and insured to remove bonded and friable asbestos, lead-based paint, and polychlorinated biphenyls – or PCBs – that are found in electrical transformers, capacitors, ballasts, and paints. We are accredited and compliant with all Federal, State, and Local codes of practice for the construction industry and are equipped to handle all aspects of asbestos abatement, lead abatement, mold remediation, and management.

There are six naturally occurring fibrous minerals that are regulated as asbestos: chrysotile isotile, tremolite, crocidolite (riebeckite), anthophyllite, amosite (grunerite), and actinolite. Before it was known that exposure to these microscopic fibers was toxic and linked to various lung and respiratory health conditions, they were a common choice for material in commercial and industrial capacities. Manufacturers desired asbestos due to its resistance to extreme heat and most chemical reactions and breakdowns. However, the strength of these properties is what makes asbestos so hazardous today. Asbestos abatement and removal imperative, as inhaling these fibers poses a threat to human health. Common areas asbestos may be found include:

  • Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB) ceiling tiles, around boilers, and AIB panels in fire doors
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Resilient floor tiles (vinyl asbestos, asphalt, and rubber) and adhesives
  • Lagging on boilers and pipes
  • Loose fill insulation
  • Pipe insulation
  • Roofing, shingles, and siding
  • Spray coatings (textured decorating coatings) on ceilings, walls, beams, and columns
  • Thermal insulation and soundproofing for homes and offices

Our mission is to offer convenient, legally compliant, environmentally friendly, and professional solutions to those with hazardous substances management requirements in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

At Allec, LLC, we understand that the need for asbestos abatement can be unexpected, which is why our workforce is flexible and conveniently available to accommodate both planned and impromptu projects. It is our goal to protect health without harming the environment, which is why we follow strict industry standards with a clear emphasis on safety first for both our workers and customers.

Allec, LLC offers competitive pricing and our highly skilled staff is trained to work with each client to meet their specific project and budgetary needs. We hope to build a long-lasting relationship with each of our customers that is founded on quality, integrity, safety, and ultimate customer satisfaction.