Mold Remediation

When it comes to mold remediation, you want a company you can trust. Allec, LLC offers effective, reliable, legally compliant, and environmentally conscious mold remediation services to those in need in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Carroll County, Washington, DC and Virginia.  Our highly skilled mold remediation staff is trained to follow strict EPA standards and guidelines to ensure the safe and proper removal of mold.

Mold remediation and removal is essential, as its exposure is an irritant and can pose a threat to human health and safety – especially for those with weak immune systems, chronic lung illnesses, or allergies. Mold is a fungus that can only thrive indoors when there is a moisture problem, resulting in the growth and rapid accumulation of mold in dark, wet, or humid areas. Humidity, condensation, water leaks, spills, and floods are just some of the factors that can contribute to the dangerous presence of mold within your home or building.

At Allec, LLC, our goal is to ensure that any sized mold remediation project is completed on time and in a professional and unobtrusive manner with client safety and satisfaction in mind. Our expert staff can accommodate both residential and commercial areas ranging anywhere in size from 10 to 10,000+ square feet – all while adhering strictly to budgeted guidelines.

Regardless of your unique project size, we can offer the following mold remediation services:

  • Project Assessment to identify the source of source of moisture and cause of mold
  • Location of independent, third party mold testing company
  • Solutions Cost Estimating – always honest, always fair!
  • Remediation scheduling, analyzing of Critical Path Methods and Cost Loading
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Resource Allocation

Mold may thrive in the dark, but we know that our clients don’t – which is why we strive to educate each and every one of our clients on the scope of their project so that they can walk away with a true sense of understanding for the necessity of our process.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, unmatched industry knowledge, and commitments to safety, legal compliance, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Our goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship built on trust and understanding from day one.